AW101 (EH101) Parts and Assembly Manager

While working for GKN Aerospace, I was asked to research and recomend an upgrade choise for their existing UNIX based database for managing the AW101 (then the EH101) parts and assemblies catogloue.

The original version had been years in development by Hewlett Packard specifically for GKN's aerospace division, and after some years of use had started to show its age. After spending time with the people running the project, and discussing their requirements, I came up with a recomendation to re-write the solution in a newer, more managable environment - something that the IT department could support without encuring the massive cost of the pre-existing system.

Within 3 months I had architected, developed and deployed a system that surpased the functionaility of the original solution, and was in use in East Cowes on the Isle of Wight, Yoevil and in Germany for over ten years...a successful replacement

  • Windows
  • Processing
  • Database Design

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