Employee Benefit Solution

Enterprise level solutions

Developing a hosted, secure website solution used by clients’ employees to manage their company benefits. Developed using ASP.NET MVC, utilising extension points to add infrastructure and features fulfilling client and business requirements.

Also worked on a WPF administrative application using the Prism MVVM framework to develop modules that could manage the features created for the web client.

The backend solution was built from several services, using both WCF and NServiceBus. The CQRS pattern was used to allow the entire application to function, even if the database server or the host NServiceBus servers could not respond.

  • XML
  • WPF
  • Windows
  • Web
  • WCF
  • Services
  • Reliancey
  • Processing
  • Performance
  • MVVM
  • MSMQ
  • jQuery
  • JavaScript
  • Database Design
  • C#
  • ASP.NET Web Forms
  • Architecture
  • Ajax
  • .NET

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  • Kieron is one of the most gifted developers I have had the privilege to work with. He constantly impresses me with his positive attitude to problem solving, he has no fear of new issues, they are merely opportunities to try and find a more effective solution, or a reason to to experiment with a new technology.

    He is passionate about agile development, and SCRUM in particular, which he has helped to coach us on. He implemented reliable CI builds, built an extremely effective integration testing framework, ran a fantastic project for a new component that delivered exactly what was required as well as many other successes. He can turn his hand to anything, whether it be front end work with CSS and JavaScript, applications in WPF, or complex back-end C#, including using NHibernate and NServiceBus, none of it phases him.

    In the current market good developers are extremely hard to find and a good one can make the difference between a project being a success or a failure. Kieron isn't simply a good developer, he is an outstanding one.

    Paul McCaskie

  • I have had the pleasure of working with Kieron for the last year. Kieron is an innovative developer, always aspiring to ensure that what he produces is cutting edge. He has a passion for learning by research and trial & error, which ensures he is always architecting and building the best solution for the business. He has recently had success with leading the creation of a standalone component tested and implemented with little to no defects and no impact on current code. Kieron has been fundamental in the implementation of Scrum with in our development team. He has supported and coached other team members to understand and work with the framework. Kieron is a driven individual and strives to complete what he starts. He is a dedicated team player and is always happy to share his knowledge with his colleagues and mentor those less confident. I’m happy to endorse Kieron and any company that he works for next will be lucky to have him.

    Maria Tarrant

  • Kieron was probably the best developer I have worked with since I started my career as a software developer in 1996. Not only is he technically superb, but his keen eye for detail and dedicated professionalism makes him reliable, efficient and a huge asset to any software development project. He excels in software architecture design and his continuous desire to remain up to date with all the latest technologies enables him to be well positioned to highlight any design faults and provide solutions to ensure that the project is a success. Kieron acted as development team lead and even though his work load was huge he still found time to mentor junior and senior developers. He is extremely patient, approachable, an excellent team player and has no ego whatsoever. I would highly recommend any client who wants an honest, dedicated, capable, hands-on development team lead to hire Kieron. I have no reservations making this recommendation whatsoever.

    Shawn Barrett

  • Kieron is a talented developer, one of the best I have worked with. Quick to embrace and understand new technology and very productive. Also a great guy!

    Richard Penrose

  • I had the pleasure of working with Kieron Lanning during my tenure as an Agile Consultant and Scrum Master with Benefex in Southampton. Kieron is most definitely one of the best Lead Application Developers I have ever worked with: He is highly qualified, very professional and would often surprise everyone by exceeding expectations with lightning speed; the man really does know his subject.

    Kieron was also a great asset in his capacity as a Lead Developer; less experienced members of the team would rely on him to pass on the benefit of his vast experience.

    His experience was also instrumental in the implementation of new web technologies which, effectively and literally reduced the time it took to develop branded customer portals from days, to hours.

    Would I work with Kieron again, or recommend him to another organisation? The answer is overwhelmingly, YES.

    Joseph Cruickshank