Fund Management Research Tool

Architected and developed a fund management peer group analysis tool for use by Fund Managers to research and select funds for client investment.

The solution was ASP.NET MVC 3 (MVVM) using HTML5 and built on the .NET 4 Framework. Windows services performed nightly calculations on downloaded fund data (up to 300Gb per month). Heavy use of jQuery was used to enable users to perform complex filtering within the client’s browser.

Fund managers filter to select one or more funds, perform a variety of reports on them, and decide on their viability for investment. The filters could also be persisted for use later or sharing with other users.

  • Windows
  • Web
  • Services
  • Reliancey
  • Processing
  • Performance
  • MVVM
  • jQuery
  • JavaScript
  • Database Design
  • C#
  • Architecture
  • Ajax
  • .NET

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  • I worked with Kieron on a project to rewrite and enhance a fund research tool used by our front office. Kieron impressed me with the speed he was able to deliver good quality code and the relationships he forged with many people in the company. I hope our paths cross in the future as I would like to work with Kieron again.

    Stuart Kruse

  • Kieron is a great asset to any team. He possesses deep technical understanding with strong business acumen and demonstrates an ability to think out of the box. He has a likeable character and is a great team player and is always committed to the task in hand.

    Dave Phelps

  • I worked with Kieron for just over a year has his development manager and collegue. He proved to be invaluable in all aspects of the project life cycle. He was patient in his explanations and got on well with both internal collegues and external suppliers.

    Gary Renfrey