iQview Administration Suite

The iQview administration system was a solution with two functions, primarily it was an application for managing assets securly for use inside organisations that required a central mangement area of their content, from controlling who has access to assets to how long they are valid - and also controlling their replacements.

It's secondary use was for initialising a custom Windows PC operated by a touch-screen. The assets would be pulled from the database, chosen by a query, and displayed within the application. The data would then be served to participants at the events, and optional information collected for statistical analysis.

The application was developed using ASP.NET MVC, using jQuery and a custom client-side hierarcical display - similar to that of the Windows Crumbar, which was populated dynamically using Ajax call to the server.

  • Web
  • Progressive Enchancement
  • Mobile
  • jQuery
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • Architecture
  • Ajax
  • .NET

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