Myki Ticketing System

A completely re-written Compact Framework based front-end for a Windows CE based ticketing systems used on buses and trams in Melbourne, Australia.

The project suffered from very poor responsiveness in the GUI, and our goal was to use the existing back-end infrastructure, available though a Service Broker, to replace the GUI with a new, more manageable, responsive and future proof version.

We elected to develop an MVP (Model-View-Presenter) framework for the new GUI, this pattern allowed us to write a wrapper around the original views which would facilitate a phased replacement of the old code.

Using our MVP framework, we could provide a weekly build to the client allowing them to see the new more responsive views as they were completed. Once we had replaced all of the views, the old ones were removed completely from the current build saving the limited resources of the device.

Because this project worked so well, we were then tasked with developing a master/ slave system for the trams. This involved one primary console that maintained the database and communications to the back-office system, and a secondary 'dumb' console. The secondary console communicated with the database and back-office via UDP messages, simply by replacing the services provided by the Service Broker with ones that used UDP messages to communicate with new server based replacements on the primary.

  • Windows CE
  • UDP
  • TCP/IP
  • Sockets
  • Services
  • Reliancey
  • Design
  • Communications
  • C#
  • Architecture
  • .NET

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