Route Optimiser

A telephony routing enterprise solution

During the course of the project I worked on many aspects of the solution, from designing and architecting Windows Services to developing UI plug-ins for the main Windows forms application.

Messaging service

Working in a team of two, we architected and developed a messaging service capable of recieving, processing and routing to connected clients hundreds of thousands of messages in a reliable and performant manor. The service used remoting to communicate with connected clients and used SQL Server and the file-system to ensure the messages where never lost.

Comparison engine service

Due to the nature of the data for route optimisation, we have a goal of only writing to the switches the bare minimum - this was because routing data can be extremely large, and the connections to the switches was a slow telnet connection - this meant we needed to take a snap-shot of what was currently on the switch, and compare that to what was going to be written. The resulting change-set was then passed onto another service that would transmit the changes to the switch using MML - Man Machine Language.

Each of these services also had accomanying UI modules that where used for interact, these modules were developed using Windows Forms and our own internal UI framework.

  • XML
  • Windows
  • Services
  • Remoting
  • Reliancey
  • Processing
  • Performance
  • Controls
  • Communications
  • C#
  • Architecture
  • .NET

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